Graduate Careers Advice

Are you unsure what you can do with your degree? Are you finding it difficult to find the right job for you?

Come and meet with one of our qualified Careers Advisers for a private and confidential discussion.

Our team are all professionally trained to support you by using up to date labour market information and resources to empower you to make the right decision for you. They can support you by:

• Creating a professional CV and cover letter so that you can send specultaive applications to companies
• Improving your interview and presentation skills
• Sending your CV to employers who may be looking to recruit garduates
• Identifying your key strengths and behaviours to find the right role for you.

Our charge is £40 per hour.

Psychometric Testing - Thomas PPA

Psychometric tests are frequently used by employers when recruiting or considering promotions.

Thomas Personality Profile Analysis (PPA) provides an accurate insight into your working strengths and behaviours. PPA can help you to make effective career choices as it provides you with a description of your qualities and limitations, which are valuable when making key decisions.

The charge for this service is £80 for the psychometric report and feedback meeting.

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If you would like further information, please call us on 0116 2407000 or complete the enquiry form below:

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“I did the Personality Profile Analysis because I wanted to know more about myself and how I worked with others. The process was easy, and got the results fairly quick too. It was quite interesting to see my attitude to work, what roles suited me best and what type of working environment I preferred. It showed that I am pretty much the same during work and out of work, just a little bit more focussed at work. It also highlighted my skills and qualities, it was really detailed considering I only answered a few questions.”

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“It was very motivational because it highlighted my key skills and attributes and confirmed I was in the right area of employment! It also showed how I worked under pressure, it was nice to see it all down on paper. I used this to improve my CV, really useful career management tool. Exceptional resource, would highly recommend to others!”


“I found the Personality Profile Analysis very useful and quite surprising as it brought out qualities that I never thought of. The process was quick and easy, questions were clear. Some of the answers did make me question myself e.g. not sociable but overall, I can agree with most of the results and would recommend it to others, who are looking for jobs and needed a helping hand in finding strengths.”


“The personality profile was very accurate, it identified what job roles suit me and how I perform in my working environment as well as socially. If you're a bit lost in your career path or feel like you would like to know yourself a little better I would recommend it, definitely! I have already told a few of my friends and family about it. It was great! Thank you so much!”