Volunteers Week – Why Do You Volunteer With LEBC?

Did you know its Volunteers Week?

Volunteers Week is a chance to recognise, celebrate and thank the UK’s incredible volunteers for all they contribute to our local communities, the voluntary sector, and society as a whole.

To celebrate, this week LEBC will be sharing some of our Business Volunteers thoughts on why they support LEBC’s work and volunteer for the charity.

“I volunteer to help younger people because I wish I had the opportunity myself to speak to adults about their career paths, and what to do when you are indecisive. LEBC run great initiatives and events that I am so honoured to be a part of. They really do it all for the benefit of the young people and giving them that visibility that it’s ok not to be 100% sure what you want to do now, but here are some skills/things to think about that will help you, whichever option you choose.” Bryony Arnold, IBM Leicester.