Judgemeadow Community College Food Technology Crest Award Project

Rachel Morris, the Food Technology teacher at Judgemeadow Community College decided to do a Bronze Award with two of her year 9 groups. Rachel felt the project would be an exciting way for the pupils to learn about conducting Food Science experiments and would help to engage and motivate them.

Students conducted experiments using different types of flour to see how changing the flour affected how much the bread would rise. The bread was baked so the students could conduct taste and sensory analysis of the breads made from different flours. The results were written up and analysed to find which flour rose the most and the one that rose the least. The taste and texture of each bread was also analysed and recoded using sensory diagrams.

An Awards Evening was held after school for students and their parents to celebrate the students’ success.  Rebecca Reason, New Product Development Manager from PepsiCo was invited along to give a short talk about her job role and how it related to the project that the students had been doing. She talked about why she chose to work in the food industry, her own career path and the projects she had worked on and highlighted the opportunities for students in food manufacturing careers.

Following Rebecca’s presentation several students and parents spoke to her individually to find out more about careers in her area. One of students in particular is now considering this as a possible career option.

“The students are so proud of their work and it has increased their self-confidence. They have shown creative thinking and problem solving skills which will not only help them in Food Technology, but cross-curricular.”

“Thank you for all you did to make last night such a success, the feedback has been very positive.

The students really enjoyed meeting Rebecca and it has opened their eyes to possible careers in Food Technology.”

Rachel Morris

Food Technology Teacher, Judgemeadow Community College

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Judgemeadow Community College Food Technology Crest Award Project

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