Motorsport Careers Training at Silverstone

STEM Learning held an afternoon training session event at Silverstone Racing Circuit for teachers to learn more about motorsport careers, speak to people working in the industry and discover free resources that can be used in the classroom.

As part of the training STEM Ambassadors, James Graham from Red Bull Technology and Rob Jinks from Torquemeters gave presentations about their work and career paths.

Rob’s inspiration for his career came from his love of design and technology at school. In his presentation he explained how the design process which he uses in his job role is basically the same process student’s use when tackling a new design and technology project. He also brought along a torquemeter to demonstrate the scientific principles behind it and how science is applied in the real world.

James’s love of composite materials lead him to his job role at Red Bull Technology. A self-confessed composite geek he described how he got his job working with the F1 team through a lot of hard work, extensive networking and a bit of luck. Although originally not a motorsport fanatic he is attracted by the fast paced design process in the industry, 4 months from design brief to implementation in the car.

Teachers learnt about:

  • How schools can build links with motorsport employers
  • The careers available in the motorsport industry
  • How students can progress into different careers and what training they will need
  • Getting motorsport ambassadors to work with their school
  • Free resources that support learning about motorsport careers in the classroom
  • Attracting female students into engineering

Following the meeting two schools have been in touch to request STEM Ambassador support. Teachers will also organise trips to engineering companies, look at how to embed STEM in to the wider curriculum, put in place work placements and look at how STEM subjects can be taught better.

“I am thrilled as one of our year 11 female students is coming to see me this week as she wants to be a Motorsports Engineer!  I will have loads of information for her!”


Motorsport Careers Training at Silverstone

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