NCS mentioned in Prime Minister's speech

NCS received an important mention by Prime Minister David Cameron in his ‘life chances’ speech on 11 January, 2016.

The Prime Minister announced that there will be stronger links between NCS and the National Curriculum, stating: “We’ll now expect schools to give every pupil the opportunity to take part – and tieNCS into the National Curriculum.”

He also stated that by 2021, NCS will reach 60% of 16-year-olds and become the “largest programme of its kind in Europe”.

Michael Lynas, Chief Executive of NCS Trust, welcomed the announcement: “We’re excited about the opportunity to make NCS something that most young people take part in. We know that to make this happen, we need to build really strong links with schools and colleges. That’s why we are so pleased about this announcement today and look forward to working with the Government, the education sector and our providers to make it happen.”

NCS mentioned in Prime Minister's speech

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