STEM Ambassadors Supporting Maths in Primary Schools

Laura Peach from the East Midlands STEM Ambassador Hub and Stem Ambassador Steven Lindley attended the Maths Hub Network Group to help teachers and Primary School maths leaders visualise how STEM Ambassadors could enrich their teaching practices.

Steven, was raised in Boston and went on to study Integrated Engineering at Nottingham Trent University after attaining his A-Levels in Physics, Maths and Geography from Boston Grammar School.  He now lives and works in Boston, and is a Mechanical Design Engineer for Mastenbroek Ltd, the only UK-based company designing and manufacturing self-propelled trenchers for use in cable laying and drainage industries.

The teachers learnt about the STEM Ambassador programme and how Ambassadors like Steven Lindley were available to volunteer to help them deliver the Maths curriculum and inspire their students. Steve took centre stage to tell them about free resources and even showed them the Autodesk Inventor software that he uses every day to design vehicles, and how that could be used by students to create simple 2D and 3D shapes – what’s better is that this software is free for schools to use.

As a result two Primary schools teachers have requested support from their local STEM Ambassadors. One event will see STEM Ambassadors support a Family Maths evening and the other involves a STEM Ambassador supporting the teacher on a regular basis with activities and resources that will bring Maths and Science Alive.

STEM Ambassadors have been invited to attend the next Primary and secondary Science Leads network meeting. They will present on activities they have delivered to young people to illustrate to teachers how they could use STEM Ambassadors.


STEM Ambassadors Supporting Maths in Primary Schools

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