Careers Information, Advice & Guidance Services

LEBC’s services can help you to achieve and evidence The Gatsby Benchmarks. For more information, please get in touch.

As a Matrix Accredited organisation, we have a team of qualified Careers Advisers who are very experienced at providing careers support for young people.

Our Careers Advisers are creative, professional and inspirational people who will make a difference to young people. They can:

• Offer one to one and group sessions to provide information, advice and guidance to young people
• Recruit sector specific speakers to inspire young people about industry opportunities
• Support schools/colleges with the preparation and implementation of a robust careers policy
• Work with a nominated Governor to enable the Governing Body to fully understand what your school/college is doing to prepare young people for working life.

The benefits of this service to you and your young people are:

• We ensure that you satisfy the statutory duty enforced by OFSTED for careers information, advice and guidance to be ‘presented in an impartial manner’ and to be ‘independent'
• We provide evaluative data so that you are able to measure the impact of our careers support
• We signpost your staff to other services provided by LEBC, for example, the National Citizen Service, STEM and our network of inspirational employer speakers
• We can embed U-Explore into our delivery ( This is an interactive careers tool which includes over 2,000 written and video job profiles across 15 industry sectors, 360 degree virtual tours of real businesses and links to education and training providers across the UK. This helps the school/college to track and monitor young people interests and activity.

Get in Touch

If you would like further information, please call us on 0116 240 7000 or complete the enquiry form below:

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“It has made me realise that it is actually down to me to make decisions about my future. It has been helpful to know where to actually get the information I need.”

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“I was first unsure about what course or job I wanted to do. I would like to apply to get on the BTEC level 3 in Graphic Design or another art related subject. This interview has helped me to understand what I would like to study in college. This has also aided in me recognising what I need to do to achieve my goals set out with my Careers Adviser.”

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"I enjoyed the CV workshop. It was delivered in a really fun way which made me take it all on board."


“I liked the whole careers day. I liked the active drawing and I think the computer activity got me to have a really hard think about what I want to do when I am older.”

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"Thank you for the careers guidance appointment today, I really enjoyed learning about the new websites. I have successfully found the top 6 recommended jobs that was given. Also I have been looking through the qualifications needed in order to succeed in the job.  I just want to say thank you so much it was a huge help to find my feet again." - Wigston Academies Trust Student. 

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“It has been an honour to work with Jackie, she is extremely diligent and often in school researching into the back ground of the individuals she will interview.  She has become familiar with how to access student information to help support them best. I have only ever heard of great comments from the year 11 who have been advised by her.  Time and time again they have spoken of how valuable their time with her was. Such help has a long term benefit to young lives.”- Moat Community College