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3M Work Experience Case Studies

I applied to 3M for work experience as I wanted to gain experience of a market leading company in an area relevant to my current studies and my future career aspirations. I also wanted to find out more about possible routes into the industry and which one would be best for me.

On my placement, I learnt how highly regulated and controlled the pharmaceutical industry is, with each drug having to pass through rigorous testing at every stage of its development and continued commercial use. It also became clear how diverse a skillset is required to take a product to market with so many different elements to be considered. In addition, I was able to further my own knowledge seeing how the science learnt in school is applied to commercial effect.

This is my first insight into a company on this scale, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I found it a very useful experience, one that will influence my future career aspirations.

The placement emphasised to me the importance of thinking outside the box especially when problem solving, In addition, I feel as though the experience helped me develop my own confidence especially in interacting with people across all levels and being able to work well in a team.

The experience has been hugely beneficial to my future career aspirations. It has confirmed my interest in chemistry and enabled me to see its application in the real world, as well as to see the different roles available in chemistry. It also became evident to me how important industrial experience is to companies, with university degrees with industrial placements very well regarded.

The experience has made me think carefully about my future plans. I currently plan to study chemistry at university with a placement year in industry and to then go into a chemistry related field and perhaps look to go into project management once have gained further experience.