School Enrichment Events

We believe “if you can’t see it, you can’t be it.”

That’s why our school events across Leicester and Leicestershire feature business representatives from our database of local businesses, which cover a broad spectrum of sectors.

Designed to raise young people’s aspirations, activities such as Mock Interviews, Employability Days, and World of Work visits will give your students an understanding of future career paths and the transition from education to the workplace.

We also link curriculum learning to careers and create meaningful encounters with employers and employees, so that each event clearly evidences the Gatsby Benchmarks.

LEBC School Enrichment Events


    Ideal for students preparing for college interviews or first job applications, these 15-minute mock interviews with secondary school students help develop confidence


    This event works well for primary and year 7/8 students who must use their communication and problem-solving skills to identify the job role of the business representative


    This fun business enterprise challenge can be tailored to all year groups. Students must put their enterprise skills to the test to impress a visiting business representative


    Great for students considering GCSE subject choices, students get multiple encounters with working professionals from a variety of industries and backgrounds


    This is great for students to prepare or reflect on work experience as it uses interactive activities to help young people identify and reflect on their employability skills

  • WHAT CAN I DO WITH…(Maths/French/Physics)?

    Great for those considering their GCSE subjects, this event links curriculum learning to careers and puts a spotlight on the many transferable skills taught in school


    Perfect for linking curriculum learning to careers, these inspirational talks shine a light on career opportunities and the skills and qualifications required to be successful


    Ideal for students considering their post-16 options, this interactive workshop gives students an insight into the apprenticeship route, including advice on how to apply


    Designed to bring careers education to life, students swap the classroom for the workplace. Our business partners host students and deliver interactive activities on-site

Want to optimise your school event?

No matter which school event you select, you can increase the knowledge and value your students receive from it by adding on the optional Preparation package.

In the run-up to your event, you will then receive these extras:

  • An introductory assembly delivered by LEBC staff
  • Preparation work booklets and activities for teachers to lead with students prior to the event day

To find out more about our school events, call and ask for Lizzie Griffiths or drop us a line by email