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Coventry Changemakers Crime Prevention Project

Our Coventry Changemakers created petitions to make first aid and self-defence lessons a compulsory workshop offered in schools.

Our Coventry Changemakers group is made up of 25 15-17 year olds who wanted to continue making a change in their local community following the NCS programme. After discussing social issues in Coventry, the group chose Crime as a rising problem in their community.

Our Coventry Changemakers have been working really hard to raise awareness of ways to protect yourself from crime. They started off by creating 2 petitions to make both first aid and self-defence compulsory in schools. The group believe that this small but powerful change could make students more prepared if they were ever the victim or witness of crime.

As well as the petitions, they also created lots of content to promote on social media including posters, fact sheets, presentations (also to be used in schools) and Tik Toks. They also conducted a survey to find out about the views of young people on crime and wrote a press release for their project to further promote the cause. They worked really pushed themselves in getting creative and to make crime the forefront of conversations within their smaller circles.