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Leicester Changemakers Homelessness Project

Our NCS Leicester Changemakers raised over £600 worth of donations for the Centre Project, aiming to help those struggling over the Christmas period.

Our Leicestershire Changemakers group is made up of 20 15-17 year olds who wanted to continue making a change in their local community following the NCS programme.

The group discussed the social issues they felt prominent in their local area, and decided to tackle homelessness after identifying it as a rising problem in Leicester. They realised that many families that once considered themselves financially secure may have to access foodbanks this Christmas due to the cost of living crisis.

The group reached out to a range of homelessness charities and chose to partner with the Centre Project who gave a list of essential items. This list included canned foods, dry pasta and rice, jars of sauce, cereal and toiletries. The group then created posters and Tik Toks to promote their project in schools, colleges, churches, community groups, local businesses and online. After a month of promoting, the group collected donations and managed to raise over £600 worth of donations. The Centre Project were really grateful for these donations.