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STEM Ambassadors supporting local libraries

Did you know that the fun of volunteering doesn’t have to stop when schools are shut? Speak to your local library if there isn’t an activity on the STEM website.

During the holidays many of the local libraries request ambassadors for workshops. At LEBC we have designed lots of activities that you can request the resources for and there is even some equipment available to borrow too like knex kits, Beebots, and many more. Library sessions are great to volunteer for as they are often limited in size to around 20 children, they have chosen to attend so like all things STEM and are often very enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. They are often creative, fun and encourage children to work together. Below are just some of the activities happening over the summer holidays in Northamptonshire to give you some ideas- Robot hands, DNA discovery, Things that fizz, Beebots nature challenge and learning about chemistry of colour.

Head to https://www.stem.org.uk/ to see if your local library has any requests and if not, why not ask if they would like you to run a session? We can help you with ideas and resources.