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Warwickshire & Solihull Changemakers ‘Mental Health & School Support’ Project

Our Warwickshire & Solihull Changemaker group conducted a survey to see if mental wellbeing support in schools is meeting the needs of the students.

Our Warwickshire & Solihull Changemakers group is made up of 20 15-17 year olds who wanted to continue making a change in their local community following the NCS programme. This group covers students in Leamington Spa, Stratford-upon-avon, Solihulll, Rugby and Warwick.

Our Warwickshire group have been focusing on mental health and school support in schools. After discussing social issues in their area, the group decided that mental health and school pressure was an important issue. The groups’ goal was to make sure the support offered surrounding mental health in schools is actually meeting the needs of the students.

The group put together a survey including a variety of questions covering sleep schedules, exam stress, social media and pastoral experiences in schools and shared it with students across Warwickshire and Solihull. With lots of hard work the group managed to receive an incredible 520 responses. They used data analysis to recognise patterns at each school and put together a report. The main focuses were what the school are doing well and what the students feel the school is missing. These will be sent back to schools in the hope to drive change on this vital issue.